About BirdSmack.com

Who is BirdSmack.com?

BirdSmack.com is two dudes with active minds and middle fingers. Through this website, we wish to celebrate the elegance that a well-crafted middle finger can bring to any dialogue. We also strive to provide high-quality middle finger solutions for all your middle finger challenges. Since we have day jobs, we’ll keep a low profile here, just in case our employers prefer the index finger.

How did BirdSmack.com start?

Not long ago, JonSmack was helping a friend respond to an incredibly irritating email concerning mustaches and intellectual property. In a burst of insight, he sent the perfect email reply:

The Inspector

The Inspector

a simple picture of his middle finger in a mustache disguise. No words or explanation, the picture pretty much said it all. Realizing there might be others with an unmet need for middle finger solutions, JonSmack and PierreSmack began amassing a vast arsenal of them. And just like that, BirdSmack.com was born.

What can BirdSmack.com do for me?

A picture is worth a thousand words. But a picture of a middle finger can be worth two thousand words. Email someone a BirdSmack when words just aren’t enough and only a finger will do. Send them to your friends. Send them to your enemies. Send them to people you hardly know. And if someone BirdSmacks you, remember that an appropriate response is only a couple clicks away.

Can anyone contribute to BirdSmack?

Yes! We welcome all submissions. Please join us in building the world’s most trusted middle finger resource: submit your own.

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