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Beware the blue-gold macaw

August 30th, 2008

This is not a┬áBirdSmack, it’s a picture of my middle finger after a macaw bit a chunk out of it. This is a special F U going out to that special macaw. I hope he chokes on my flesh.

Oh, it’s on AND it’s go-time

September 10th, 2008

On September 5th, 2008, went live. There was no Beta test, no stealth mode, no pussy-footin’ around. Boom, we went straight LIVE, just like that.

To make it official, we made up a nice business card over at MeeID featuring our pal, The Bandito.

Check out some recent guest submissions and our shout-out on Rags’s blog. Or just go out and BirdSmack someone that needs a good middle finger solution.

Deadspin and the Masshole

September 18th, 2008

MassholeBig Daddy Drew over at Deadspin featured the Masshole in his column today. Hotness. It makes us want to eat lots of chowda. Drew’s got a new book called “Men With Balls”, with a capital With, that you should check out here.

In honor of this moment, we will begin immediate construction of a beer hat Birdsmack. Watch this space.

Update: BeerSmack now available!

For all y’all Deadspin fans checking out BirdSmack for the first time, you should know the following:

-In the beginning, it was about the Inspector

-In the middle, it was about the Bandito.

-Right now, you can subscribe to fresh delivery of, um, fresh Birdsmacks, right here.

Extreme Craft action

October 1st, 2008

When’s the last time you did a craft project? Well creating a BirdSmack means getting to enjoy a little craft time. It’s relaxing and satisfying, and you should give it a try.

For some inspiration, check out Garth’s Extreme Craft blog. We love his tagline, especially the part about “craft extending its middle finger”.

This is mega-craft. Super-craft. Check out his post on Chris Gilmour, who makes these elaborate pieces entirely out of cardboard. Whoa.

Garth posted about BirdSmack today, and we are honored! So check out his site and succumb to its crafty charms.


Light Bulb – French TV rips off!

December 11th, 2008


Dedicated to Canal+, a major French television station. They directly copied several of our BirdSmacks and used them on a recent show without mentioning where they stole the idea. Comment va dire, “copyright”? We are somewhat honored.

The offending video can currently be seen at this link, then click on “Emission du 09-12-2008”, then click on “Partie 4”, then wait through a 10-second commercial. They don’t make it easy to share, do they? It’s almost like they are worried about someone stealing their work…

Update – the video is no longer available on the Canal+ website, at least not that we can find.