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Bon Jovi Middle Finger

September 6th, 2008

Take it in, take it with you when you go.

Microphone Middle Finger

September 9th, 2008

Enjoy my poetry slam

Neuticles! “real” fake dog balls

September 25th, 2008

You’re not the only one lacking a pair.

Suggestion Box Middle Finger

September 25th, 2008


I’ll be sure to get right on it.

Gift Middle Finger

September 25th, 2008


Hope you like it! Sorry, no returns.

Palin Middle Finger

October 8th, 2008

palin birdsmack middle finger

“As for that VP talk all the time, I’ll tell you, I still can’t answer that question until somebody answers for me what is it exactly that the VP does every day?” – Sarah Palin on CNBC’s “Kudlow & Co”, July 2008 (Watch video clip)

Map Middle Finger

October 8th, 2008

google map - birdsmack middle finger

Google this!

Ancient Papyrus Middle Finger

December 15th, 2008

47. Scrolls

Pacifier Middle Finger

February 9th, 2009

Suck it, baby

Suck it, baby