How to use a BirdSmack


We recommend using BirdSmacks in one of two ways:

SEND A NEW EMAIL – Simply click on the “Email this BirdSmack to someone” link below a BirdSmack post. Type in your real OR FAKE email address (anonymous!) and send the BirdSmack on it’s merry way.


REPLY TO AN EMAIL – Go to the appropriate BirdSmack post, highlight the picture, copy it and paste it right into your email reply. It’s so sneaky, your victim is sure to open the email.

Example: I received an email from a colleague asking me to buy some plants for the office. To show my “reluctance,” I simply went to the photosynthetic category, copied the TreeSmack picture, and pasted it into my reply. No words necessary. Suffice to say, my colleague dropped the subject. Perfect.

We are currently working on additional vehicles for your BirdSmacks…stay tuned.

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  1. Josh Craig says:


    Just wanted to say hello. I’m in the middle finger business too!

    Take a look at Technically we are competitors. But I really don’t see it that way.

    My site is about sending someone the middle finger in email also, but I do it a bit differently.

    On the main page of my site you can fill out a simple form and click “Send My Bird” and your bird will be delivered to the unknowing recipient. you can also add a personal message too.

    Please check it out. maybe we can trade links?

    Thanks, I think your site is really funny. I love the ninja finger! I have a friend that writes for my blog and she goes by Birdninja.

    Josh Creator

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